Go green and save!

Environmental concerns and the high cost of fossil fuels have boosted electric forms of transportation which are growing in popularity throughout Europe. Electric scooters offer affordability, convenience and style, and have become a popular means of getting around for many Europeans. As an e-scooter owner and rider, the only thing you have to remember is to charge it.

By using the electric Nipponia Volty, you can save up to 85% on expenses for your transportation compared with any conventional means and meanwhile safeguard the environment.



Max. Range : 100 km
Motor : Hub-type, 1500W Bosch®
Full Charge Time : 5 hours
Battery Type : (2x) Lithium - Ion 60V/24Ah, SAMSUNG® cells
Accessories : USB charger, aux. carrier and top box
Warranty : 2 Years
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VOLTY Launch

At the 2018 Intermot fair in Cologne, the all-new VOLTY was first presented along with 6 additional new models by Nipponia for the European markets. Volty’s larger sibling, the Terranova electric maxi-scooter was also presented and is scheduled for production at the end of 2019.


Smart Charging

The Nipponia VOLTY has a very flexible system to charge the batteries. There is a port permanently connected to the battery harnesses, So, if you have a wall outlet near the scooter, there is no need to disconnect anything or remove any battery to charge it. First, choose the battery you want from the power switch. Then plug the charger into the scooter's socket; then, plug the charger into the wall outlet. If there is no wall outlet nearby, remove the battery from the scooter together with the portable charger and charge it wherever you have access to the power grid.


Luxury and Style

Stylish chrome plated detailing to the front and back of the scooter help you stand out from the crowd, while front and rear LED lights ensure great visibility while helping reduce battery consumption.


Amazing Driver's View

At Nipponia we consider Quality our first priority and the Volty ‘cockpit’ is well taken care of. Not only does the LCD gauge cluster contain all the necessary information, but the quality of the peripherals is top-notch. Stylish switches, CNC brake pump covers, modern powdercoated brake levers will make you feel secure and comfortable.


Greensportation is the new trend

Bosch® Motor

Potent and reliable electric hub 1500W motor.

Durable IP65 Li-ion Battery

The lithium-ion battery is designed to be used and recharged hundreds of times while simultaneously offering ample range for an everyday commute.

BMS: Safety and Stable

Pre-discharge protection / battery balance protection / over charge protection / over current protection / short-circuit protection / temperature protection / power-off protection.

Cruise Control

The cruise control function can be activated at the press of a button so the user can enjoy effortless riding.

USB Charger

Keep your phone or tablet battery topped-up on the go.

Ample Storage Space

Storage room under the seat as well as in front of the rider’s legs makes it a hugely practical as well as stylish solution for everyday transport.